How To Increase The Life Time Value Of Your Customers

How To Increase The Life Time Value Of Your Customers

This article is going to show you how to extract the maximum value from each of your visitors. The lifetime value of a customer is how much they spend with you over the years until they stop buying.

Most internet businesses have very bad lifetime visitor values. This is because a lot of online marketers only offer one item to their customers and then never approach them again. This is like a massage therapist never getting a repeat customer. Think about all the extra work of only selling to new people, and having to constantly rely only on new people to support the business. You don’t have to make this mistake.

The key to increasing the lifetime value of your visitors to the max is email marketing. This includes marketing to those who haven’t yet bought, and marketing to those who already bought.

You should have two email lists at the minimum. A list that has opted to receive messages from a signup box on your sales copy. And a list of people who have already bought from you.

You should have the intention of capturing as many visitors’ names as possible using an opt-in email form. This is best accomplished with a popup box that displays as soon as someone pulls up your website.

Once a person is on your list you can slowly warm them up to your and build a relationship with them. Do this by providing them with valuable, unique information about your niche, and you will become an expert in their eyes.

You can take many people who would have never bought from you and turn them into lifetime customers who spend thousands of dollars with you over the years.

You should have a back end system in place, which strongly markets your customers after they make their first purchase. Offer them not only your own products but other related affiliate products.

You can easily find dozens of products for any niche with high paying affiliate programs. Offer these products to your list and you’ll make great commissions on every sale. The combinations are limitless. However, always be sure you only offer items your list will truly appreciate.

By using a dynamic sales funnel approach such as this, you’ll squeeze every bit of profit out of your customers while providing them with real value and benefits. What a great process. Try it for yourself and watch as your online business takes off.

It must be stated that you must first find a good niche.

How do I find a profitable niche? This is the question many “would be” internet marketers are asking now a days. And the answer is simple. This article is going to explain how to find yourself a great niche that will bring in substantial money on an ongoing basis.

Choosing the right niche is possibly the most important step that you will take. If your niche is overly competitive, you’re not going to make many sales, if any. Likewise, the same holds true if your niche has no buying customers. A perfect niche will have enough people willing to spend money, while not being overly competitive.

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