Squeeze Page Secrets: How To Generate Lots Of Leads With Your Landing Page

Squeeze Page Secrets: How To Generate Lots Of Leads With Your Landing Page

Building a list. It’s one of those “I’ll get round to it tomorrow” items. After all, there’s not glamor in it.

But list building is probably the most profitable thing you can do on the internet. You acquire an email address, then nurture it and get the owner to part with money.

So how do you get people on to your list in the first place?

The best way is to build a squeeze page (also called a landing page).

This used to be a simple page that had a headline, some text and a great big “Subscribe now” button.

Until the rules changed. This type of page still works a treat but you’ll find that if you want to send any traffic to it from Adwords then it will cost you an arm and a leg for every click.

Squeeze pages now have to appear to the search engines as though they’re part of a bigger site. One whose intention isn’t just to grab the customer’s email address and milk it for all it’s worth.

The key word here is “appear”. So long as your squeeze page looks something like a regular page, you’ll do fine.

Since you’re not out to trick the search engines (that never works long term) then this means links on your page and some content.

To get your clicks for a reasonable price, your squeeze page needs:

* Links to other pages on your site. Start with contact, about, privacy and maybe a site map. You could also consider adding a few article pages as well.

* Content. A couple hundred words on the subject will do fine.

* Relevant headline. For best results, match your headline to your advert and keywords.

That should keep the pay per click search engines happy.

You then also need a sign up form. Make the subscribe button big and offer a good incentive for people to subscribe. A free gift is always a good hook for this.

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